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Death on a park home site


For several years I lived on a park home site, and my experiences there are the inspiration for my new murder mystery. The unpopular owner is found electrocuted on site, there’s no shortage of suspects!

Free Download: Mind Body and Rosie


When I published ‘Rosie’ nearly two years ago, I thought it was a light hearted romance – after all, it has a conventional happy ending.  Although Rosie is a spirited heroine, I didn’t see the book as having a feminist message, or dream that two years later, the themes in it, which include misogyny and harrassment, would become so topical. It was a first novel, written to amuse myself when my husband was ill, and I knew it didn’t fit easily into a genre. I had no experience in writing, but I thought some people might enjoy reading it for fun. I was quite surprised when one of my female friends said she thought it was a promising first novel, but she preferred the dark elements in it to the romance, because until then, it hadn’t occurred to me it was dark.  So when I re-read it recently, to check up on some facts I needed for the next Rostershire novel, I was really surprised to find she was right, and that the book was right up to date.  Read more…..

New book – Death in a Flash

My new book now has a working title and cover. When the unpopular owner of a mobile home park is found electrocuted in the site’s electricity control shed, Inspector Wharmby is called in and soon discovers all is not what it seems. And he’s not too pleased when Rosie appears again, this time in her new role as a local councillor…..Still a lot of writing to do, but hopefully it will be ready for publishing in the Spring!cover2

Merry Christmas


With blue skies and sunshine, Christmas in Portugal is nothing like this picture taken in our garden a few years ago, so this is pure nostalgia. My husband isn’t so keen on the memory though – when Father Christmas fell over and he bent over to pick him up, he lost his balance (no, he hadn’t been celebrating) and banged his head on the stones in the rockery. We spent the afternoon at the accident unit. The doctor wrote on his notes that he had injured himself whilst gardening. So take care during the festive season, and have a wonderful time!

Two heroes

I’ve been out of action recently thanks to a knee injury, and during my forced rest indoors I’ve been looking at the Wharton family history, as a change from the Phillipsons. Here my two uncles, Captain John Wharton, who the internet tells me was the most decorated merchant seaman in the second world war, and my Uncle Tom, who spent three and a half days on a life raft after his ship was sunk during a famous incident involving HMAS Yarra, which went down with most of her crew after being attacked by the Japanese.

Did you see this?

Countryfile yesterday had a piece on High Lickbarrow farm, one of the farms in ‘The Disappearing Yeoman.’  A friend went round and took this picture of Low Lickbarrow. The Chamley family owned Lickbarrow for at least two hundred years, but they left in the mid-nineteenth century when times in farming were hard, and settled in Canada. The cover of ‘The Disappearing Yeoman’ is the view from Lickbarrow.Lickbarrow 001[1411]