It’s an exciting time because my second book, ‘Death at Brambles’ has just been published, and my friend Ron has given me my first feedback – ‘great characters, interesting plot’ – which is encouraging!  A parcel of books has just arrived at home, so I’ll be organising a giveaway. However, I’m not there – the picture one of my friends has posted on facebook this morning shows a grey car park with snow covered roofs, but I’m enjoying the sunshine in Portugal. It’s quite appropriate I’m here, as this is where I started writing.  We were on a very muddy campsite at Alvor and R was in agony with his back. It was one of the most miserable days I’ve ever spent! But that was when I decided  in order to amuse myself I’d write my own book, which led to my first novel, ‘Mind, Body and Rosie.’ As ‘Rosie’ was written to amuse myself, it doesn’t fit easily into a genre – it’s a romance with a plot, but it’s fun, and very readable. ‘Brambles’, on the other hand, is a murder mystery – though it still features Rosie,the popular heroine of the first book. In this book, she is fighting a planning application for a housing development in the village where she lives, and finds herself involved in a murder investigation. I wonder if she’s the first ‘Mumsnet’ detective – she’s now working part time and her baby is an essential part of the story!


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