Reading for pleasure

Being an author isn’t just about writing books, it’s about getting people to read them! It’s no secret it’s hard for people like me to promote our books, because we just haven’t got the resources or the contacts to compete with the publishing houses. Fortunately, I don’t write to make money – I just enjoy the feeling my books may have brought some one pleasure.  I studied literature at university, but sometime in midlife I got tired of reading so-called ‘good books’. I think this was partly because, as a child living in a remote part of the country, I learnt about life from books.  When I got older and had more experience – more than I wanted, in some cases! – I didn’t need to read other people’s views on life.  There are exceptions, of course, but mainly I wanted reading to be fun. (I read other types of books besides novels, and that’s different). If my books help people to pass an enjoyable few hours, I  will be very happy!


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