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Celebrate Portugal with a free download

Soon we’ll be returning to Portugal which I’m hoping will inspire me to write a new book about Rosie. To celebrate, I’m offering a free download of ‘Death at Brambles’ between Monday and Wednesday – just click http://kdp/


Two heroes

I’ve been out of action recently thanks to a knee injury, and during my forced rest indoors I’ve been looking at the Wharton family history, as a change from the Phillipsons. Here my two uncles, Captain John Wharton, who the internet tells me was the most decorated merchant seaman in the second world war, and my Uncle Tom, who spent three and a half days on a life raft after his ship was sunk during a famous incident involving HMAS Yarra, which went down with most of her crew after being attacked by the Japanese.

Did you see this?

Countryfile yesterday had a piece on High Lickbarrow farm, one of the farms in ‘The Disappearing Yeoman.’  A friend went round and took this picture of Low Lickbarrow. The Chamley family owned Lickbarrow for at least two hundred years, but they left in the mid-nineteenth century when times in farming were hard, and settled in Canada. The cover of ‘The Disappearing Yeoman’ is the view from Lickbarrow.Lickbarrow 001[1411]



And the winner is….

Fans of Brambles will be disappointed to find out Jed did NOT win the Victoria Sponge competition. His cousin’s husband won it instead. He was the only member of his family not to win a prize – even his small niece won a prize for the potato that looked most like a penguin. Unfortunately, I haven’t got a photograph, but with a bit of imagination, maybe this penguin looks a bit  like a potato….pengfacebook