Death at Brambles

A crime mystery featuring a baby, a moth, a timid librarian, a grumpy police inspector, a surgeon and a beautiful woman…..

Rosie, the irrepressible heroine of the first Rostershire novel, is living in the picturesque village of Harkstone.  When a property development company comes up with a plan to build a new housing estate in the village, Rosie is soon on the warpath. But first, the company needs to knock down Brambles, a beautiful but dilapidated house belonging to her friend Paul. He doesn’t want to sell, but his wife Georgina wants the money. When Georgina’s body is found in nearby woods, Paul is the obvious suspect. But what was Georgina doing there, and if Paul is innocent, why does he lie to the police?  Why is Georgina’s sister so angry? And what’s the connection between Georgina’s family and the farmer who owns the building land?  As Rosie searches for evidence to stop the housing development, disturbing facts begin to emerge about Paul’s mysterious past, and there is another violent death in the village before the climax, when murderer is unmasked on the day of the village fete.

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*Four stars on Amazon*

What readers say…

‘… not as formulaic as many murder mysteries I’ve read before. Believable characters and a great plot’ – Amazon customer

‘An excellent book which held my interest to the last page.. ‘ – Amazon customer

‘Good English country murder, with a large case of characters, several red herrings along the way, and a policeman who doesn’t want to be there. Everything comes together in the end…’ – Galene