Local History

Several years ago I did an MA in Local History at the University of Leicester, and won a prize for my dissertation as the best in my year. It was entitled ‘The Disappearing Yeoman: Windermere 1640-1841’, and it looked at the history of the yeoman families and their tenements. I always intended to turn it into a paper for a northern history journal, or  a book, but life events intervened and it never got done.  Now I’ve decided to come back to it, because although I’m out of touch with developments in the academic field, it still contains a lot which is of interest to local historians, including a list of the inhabitants of Windermere in 1675 and where they lived. I shall probably publish through Create space or similar, as it’s the simplest way for me – I haven’t the time or money to pay for printing and deal with sales.

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    Windermere ferry 1850