Mind, Body and Rosie

Roster is a rundown Midlands Hospital. Management is weak, the Chief Medical Officer’s corrupt, and the pioneering young surgeon can’t get money for his research. What’s more, he’s fed up with Geraldine and carting her cello about…..and then along comes the mysterious Rosie, and turns everything upside down.


………‘I think the purpose is to help us to monitor our performance,’ said Miss Macfarlane helpfully. ‘We have had some criticism in the press about our treatment of elderly patients.’

There was an intake of breath, followed by a deathly silence. Somebody really did need to take her to one side. The problem with geriatrics was not something that was openly referred to. The back of Arnold’s neck was getting quite red. At this rate, the girl would be consigned to a back room counting bedpans in no time. ……….

………Rosie leant back in her seat……Things were not going to plan. Guy’s appearance and reputation had led her to expect him to be a cold fish, absorbed in his own affairs, so she had imagined she was quite safe involving herself in his problems. Instead she had found he was friendly and he hadn’t talked about himself at all…… He was lovely. She knew she had no desire to resist him……….

…….’You’d make Lady Macbeth look like a wimp,’ said Guy…….

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What readers say

‘ Really easy to read, and found it very hard to put down although i didnt want to finish it either. A nice insight into the hospital world that very often made me smile, recognising similar situations and traits in people in my own world, and with one scene making me laugh out loud…..’ – Amazon customer

‘a smart, complex and snappy story about the relationship that develops between two equally strong and intelligent individuals…’ – Amazon customer