And the winner is….

Fans of Brambles will be disappointed to find out Jed did NOT win the Victoria Sponge competition. His cousin’s husband won it instead. He was the only member of his family not to win a prize – even his small niece won a prize for the potato that looked most like a penguin. Unfortunately, I haven’t got a photograph, but with a bit of imagination, maybe this penguin looks a bit  like a potato….pengfacebook


Free summer reading

‘Death at Brambles’ and ‘Mind, Body and Rosie’ are both free to download from Amazon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Fun reading for a summer weekend, especially if it’s wet, like here at Youlgeave!

Ready for printing!


At last! My book has gone off to the printers. Preparing it for printing is much worse than writing it – it’s a nightmare, in fact. I’m hoping there will be no glitches, and it will be available on Amazon soon.

Honouring Nelson

Greenwichclock    Last week my sister and I visited the Queen’s House, Greenwich, to see this recently refurbished clock made by our g-g-g grandfather, Henry Philipson, in honour of Admiral Nelson.